I love titanium. It’s so light, yet strong, and discolors beautifully when burned.

Snow Peak Trek 700

The Snow Peak Trek 700 has been with me on every foray into the wilderness for the past four years, and it’s still going strong. It’s my primary pot/mug/bowl, whether I’m cooking with a fire, canister stove, or alcohol. If I were to create a list of my top ten most valued possessions, I think this would be on it.

Vargo Triad XE stove

I’ve only had the Vargo Triad XE for a few months, but it’s quickly become my favorite stove. It’s far lighter and more versatile than the Esbit stove. I haven’t even looked at my Jetboil since purchasing the Triad. The stove burns both denatured alcohol and fuel tabs, giving it a wider operating potential than most stoves that burn only either one or the other. My experience with alcohol stoves is limited, so I can’t compare the burn efficiency of the Triad to its competitors, but I, so far, have zero complaints.

Trail Designs Vari-Vent Wind Screen

If there’s the slightest breeze out, the Triad will require a windscreen when burning alcohol (fuel tabs aren’t quite as susceptible). Vargo provides instructions and a diagram for building a windscreen yourself. I ended up purchasing a Trail Designs Vari-Vent windscreen from Anti-Gravity Gear.