Yonder, to the Alpine Lakes

Mountains lie all about, with many difficult turns leading here and there. The trails run up and down; we are martyred with obstructing rocks. No matter how well we keep the path, if we miss one single step, we shall never know safe return. But whoever has the good fortune to penetrate that wilderness, for his labors will gain a beatific reward, for he shall find there his heart’s delight. The wilderness abounds in whatsoever the ears desire to hear, whatsoever would please the eye: so that no one could possible wish to be anywhere else. And this I well know; for I have been there.

Gottfried von Strassburg, Tristan and Isolde

Day One

Up the Foss River. Trout Lake to Copper Lake to Big Heart.

Towards the High Country

Sign for Malachite and Copper

Stones to Copper Lake

Early Evening at Big Heart Lake

Big Heart Lake Reflections

Day Two

Cross-country along the High Route. Big Heart Lake, Angeline, and Chetwoot.

High Route to Chetwoot Lake

Big Heart Lake from the Ridge

Peaks of the Alpine Lakes

Resting Along the High Route

A Bedroom

Day Three

Down and out along the Foss.

Returning to Copper Lake

Little Heart Lake

Copper Lake

Yonders and yonders.