A Pack For the Mountains

A Pack for the Mountains

We have packed everything we need for the trip in a backpack. If the backpack is light, we will walk more easily. With a heavy pack, we walk with bended knees, and a slower pace.

Having a lot of belongings takes a toll. Things can determine how we live, requiring monthly payments, maintenance and repair.

When we can carry all our life’s necessities on our backs, we can go where we want.

On a journey, we sleep on the ground. We cook food over a fire. Life is simple. Everyone who pursues simple life, does so by choice.

On a journey, whatever we can’t do without is a life necessity. This is the question raised during the journey by actual situations, what is needed for a society based on life-necessities. Is there something better than what we experience in our daily life, and if so, what is it? Why do we practice simple life? Does exertion have any positive value? Almost everything in simple life requires more exertion that our daily life.

Having nice things and being comfortable has become the norm in our society, which consumes steadily more resources so that we can live more and more comfortably. This is characteristic of an industrial growth society.

When we take with us only our life’s necessities, our equipment must last, it must be of high quality.

Roger and Sarah Isberb, Simple Life “Friluftsliv”: People Meet Nature