A Spring Walk

This past weekend I took a walk out to the Chuckanuts, visiting the same spot Avagdu, HatterOfMaddnesz, and I visited a couple months prior. The ice had disappeared from the lake by now. I opted to pitch my tarp up at the viewpoint above the lake, which had caught my fancy last time around. The sun was out and not a drop of rain fell from the sky for both days, making for a pleasant contrast with the last few trips I’ve taken. In the evening I could watch the sun set over the San Juan islands in the west, and the following morning watch the sun rise over Mt. Baker to the east.

I set my Kifaru Paratarp up in an elevated manner, opting to rig it to trees with paracord rather than using my trekking poles underneath. This makes for a huge amount of living space underneath.

Kifaru Paratarp

On the way out, I made a detour to Raptor Ridge, another nearby viewpoint that I had been unable to visit on the outing with Avagdu and Hatterz.

Good Morning

After fixing a small breakfast and soaking in the view, I finished the 12-ish mile hike home, munching on the odd Stinging Nettle leaf plucked from the side of the trail and pondering butterflies.