In the Wake published

It was announced today that Tools for Gridcash is being published by Lyon’s Press, to be released sometime in the fall. Aric claims it, along with all his future writings, will remain free online.

Why did you decide to publish it commercially? I didn't actually look for a publisher or submit any manuscripts. Lyon's Press saw Tools for Gridcrash here on the website, liked it a lot, and offered me a contract. I accepted for a few reasons. First, I feel that it will bring this project, and the ideas in it, to a larger audience. It will also provide me with the income that I need so that I can work on this project rather then spending all my time at a wage job -- donations are a minimal source of income right now and won't pay for the supplies I need for the upcoming series of illustrated how-to's this summer. (Of course, donations are still needed and welcome!) And having a book published will also make it easier to get certain other things done for the project. Also, since they book is ultimately very useful during an actual gridcrash, it makes sense to have someone make lots of dead-tree copies and strew them around homes and bookstores across the continent. I don't have the resources to do that.

I’ll be buying a copy.