The Simpsons

So, you've become dubious, cynical? You don't trust the government, Coca-Cola, television anymore? We're perfectly happy to parody ourselves, to insult ourselves, even to explain all of our ugly intentions and evil dealings in detail... as long as it keeps your attention. We have television shows, advertisements, and comic strips carefully designed for those of you who don't have confidence in us anymore. Anything to keep you watching, anything to keep you buying. We play on your cynicism, cashing in on it, encouraging it. You may know better than to have any faith in us but as long we keep you captivated with our irony and self-deprecation, you won't be able to conceive of any alternatives. Rather than having the idealism to strike out against the status quo, you'll join the ranks of the Dilbert nihilists, no longer able to believe in anything, but still playing your part in the system of despair. - Crimethinc, Days of War, Nights of Love