Back at the movies

Do not go see Gangs of New York. It has to be one of the worst movies I’ve seen this year.

Speaking of movies, has anybody seen the special extended edition of the Fellowship of the Ring DVD? I gave it to my dad for Christmas and we watched all 4 discs that day. They say it’s only 8 hours, but I think it was 10. Anyway, the first two discs (the actual movie) are awesome. You get 30 minutes of deleted scenes.

Coming home from Gangs of New York last night, I stopped at my bank and discovered a wireless network their. Interesting…

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Two Towers

I went down to Seattle last night and saw it. It’s very sexy, but Aragon died one to many times.

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This is as good of time as any to make the official announcement on v4.5, no? Yup, it’s in the works.

There’s no planned release date but I’d hope to see it out no later than the end of February. All I’ll say about it right now is that the design will be…similar. Most changes will be elsewhere.

And, if all goes to plan, the new phorum system will be up before the end of the year. If all doesn’t go to plan, my goal will be to get it up before the next round of NukeZone starts.

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Well, it’s off to Microsoft tomorrow. 9AM-1PM Nick and I will be in the Microsoft Home & Office. Of course, I would tell you about it but I signed the nondisclosure form last Thursday. I wonder if they’ll give us free games again…

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Well, the eclipse is over (actually, its still going on but we decided we would watch the rest in the movie that’ll be sent out to subscribers only). I broke out the ol’ s-video cable and hooked the computer up to the TV so we could have the big screen and comfy seats. It was pretty cool and I captured 3 shots for you guys: here, here and here. Those three are in succession and are the best shots of the actual eclipse part. Oh, and here is a final one taken just seconds before this post.

As mentioned before, I will be getting a movie of the whole thing and, depending on file size, I might upload it in January.

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Thanksgiving is coming up. Do you know what that means? It means that this blog will be one year old! That’s right, I opened an account with Blogger last Thanksgiving and officialy launched it at 12:33PM.

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The latest issue (19:3) of 2600 came in the mail yesterday along with Freedom Downtime. The movie is really good but I must say that I recommend reading The Fugitive Game first.

If you have seen the movie Takedown, then there is no excuse for not watching Freedom Downtime to see the truth about the 91 minutes and 42 seconds or crap you sat through.

Oh, and on the back of Freedom Downtime, there’s a message that says “free and unaltered broadcasting, netcasting, and copying are encourage”. So I might rip it.

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Some of you may notice that you are now viewing home.php! No more .htm! Gasp!
This is because that old javascript randomizer I had for the upper banner was about as random as jacob is done with his site (not very) so, I replaced it with a php script (hence the .php extension)! Now, why php can generate a random number 1-9 better than javascript can, don’t ask me but the .php extension will also lead us to greater and…better stuff.

To celebrate the phpness of the site, I’ve added two new banners for a grand total of nine. See if you can guess what they are (not hard).

Oh, and merry Halloween.

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I just finished read The Fugitive Game by Jon Littman tonight. It’s a very good read and I’d recommend it to anybody interested in Kevin Mitnick, computing history, or hacking in general. It really does a great job of seperating fact from fiction and dismissing all the media hype that followed the case. To go along with the book, I decided to order 2600’s movie Freedom Downtime for $20. I think that’ll be interesting.

Oh! Has anybody else heard the latest edition of Off the Hook (Oct. 16th, I believe)? It was a 2 hour special featuring Mitnick. Go. Download. Now.

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First Post!

This is the first post using pig-monkey.com’s new blogging system! The template is a bit strange now but I’ll fix that up…later.

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