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Link Log 2024-05-07

I travel full time for work and live in motels. Had to put a little kit together for my tea gear!

A Few Notes on the Culture

Saunders Militaria

Soft Electronics

Parachute Mobile HF jump

The Bicycles of World War II

The Man Whose Sound Systems Make You Feel Like You’re On Psychedelics

Devon Turnbull / HiFi Pursuit Listening Room Dream No. 2

Link Log 2024-04-19

Personal Best

People Person

In Praise of Buttons - Part Two

The Loss of Things I Took for Granted

A Free Download Now and Forever: ‘The Anarchist’s Tool Chest’

Dominion (Heartworms, 2024)

Beach Babes

Link Log 2024-03-18

Jackals, False Grails: Nothing is fake when everything is information

It’s All Ball Bearings: Chris King Precision Components Factory Visit

Factionality and the Rise of the Single-Interest American

Varda Capsule Reentry - Full Video from LEO to Earth

Aquamira: Why we like it, and how we use it

Blacked out lens markings

Welcome to KEXP Bay Area

Davies Hall, Prometheus: The Poem of Fire

Link Log 2024-02-23

The future of silk

Uta Genilke - Replikant

WHS’ bicycle stuff: component reviews & more

U.S. Commercial Shipbuilding in a Global Context


Link Log 2024-01-21

2023 Rotation

How America Got Mean

The Most Important Thing

Turtle-Pac Cargo Spheroid 50

Tor censorship attempts in Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan

The Dead Flag Blues (Midjourney & Godspeed You! Black Emperor)


Link Log 2024-01-07

To Own the Future, Read Shakespeare

2020 Qualified Military Available Study

Canned Fish Files w/ Matthew Carlson

Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks

Best Croissant in Paris

Winter Picnic: Oolong, Chocolate, Deenz

Link Log 2024-01-02

Macular Carotenoid Supplementation Improves Visual Performance, Sleep Quality, and Adverse Physical Symptoms in Those with High Screen Time Exposure

The Military Transformation Of Medieval Europe: Stirrups vs Social Cohesion

Pipe Dreams: The life and times of Yahoo Pipes

Your tastes are a point in space

On Taste and Congruence

Septivium Begins

Ground Equipment Facility J-33

Link Log 2023-12-13

Ctrl+Alt Museum Photos

Strange Days In Cupertino

There Once Was an Empire

Randall’s Adventure & Training Land Navigation Presentation

Monster in Paradise (Gunship, 2023)

Marin Headlands