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Link Log 2023-07-24

I’ve seen the future. Apple wasn’t there.

Tea as Hepatoprotective Agent: A Revisit

The Story of Titanium

Plain Text Journaling

Anime Architecture

The Last Stand

Columbia Crossing

Link Log 2023-05-05

The Godziliad

Everyday Carry

Plastic Container Guide

Make Your Own Rain Shoe Covers

GPSJam GPS/GNSS Interference Map

Blue In Green (Yuko Mabuchi, 2019)

Buena Vista

Link Log 2023-04-19

R+E Cycles Celebrates 50 Years of Community and Manufacturing in Seattle

Rim Dynamos Can Now Generate 70% More Power Than Hub Dynamos

How to use a nasal spray properly | correct and incorrect ways

A School of Strength and Character

Fan Edit Central Database v2

Summer of Muslimgauze

Kali Malone at The Lab SF

Link Log 2023-03-11

My Obsession

Apollo Remastered

The Loaded Touring Bike

The Kremlin Has Entered the Chat

This lens gives you a glimpse into another world.

Closer (Kawehi, 2013)

Lunar New Year 2023

Link Log 2023-01-19

Repairs While Riding

Upward Falling Payloads

Light Cassette Removal Tools

Bye Bye, Blackbird (Chet Baker, 1964)

Leatherman and Topeak working together

“Opportunity Is Always Out There” With Simon Mann

Venice by Canaletto

Link Log 2022-12-26

How to prepare an MSR-type stove for cold-weather expeditioning

Why a cool camera will make you a better photographer.

A collection of Soviet control rooms

Cemetery of Soviet computers

Soviet Icebreakers

Ferry Plaza

Link Log 2022-12-10

Rear Rack Lock Mount

How To Develop Good Taste, Pt. 1

Deceased Do Not Contact Registration

Inside the factory that only builds white Toyotas

Cultural observations: The skinfade + northface jacket combo

Stop that! It’s not Tourette’s but a new type of mass sociogenic illness

Thus, this current outbreak of MSMI [Mass Social Media-induced Illness] represents not only the “modern” form of MSI [Mass Sociogenic Illness] motor variant, but can also be viewed as the 21st century expression of a “culture-bound stress reaction” of our post-modern society emphasizing the uniqueness of individuals and valuing their alleged exceptionality, thus promoting attention-seeking behaviours, and aggravating the permanent identity crisis of modern man.


Link Log 2022-11-23

Special Investigative Report for The Museum of Capitalism: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Watch

If you wish to make a toaster from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

“Just a bunch of idiots having fun” – a photo history of the LAN party

Between Chaos and the Man: How not to become an anarchist

States Mull Limits on Foreign Ownership of Farmland

Love On A Reail Train (Tangerine Dream, 2018)

San Francisco from Rathbone