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Link Log 2022-11-23

Special Investigative Report for The Museum of Capitalism: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Watch

If you wish to make a toaster from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

“Just a bunch of idiots having fun” – a photo history of the LAN party

Between Chaos and the Man: How not to become an anarchist

States Mull Limits on Foreign Ownership of Farmland

Love On A Reail Train (Tangerine Dream, 2018)

San Francisco from Rathbone

Link Log 2022-11-19

Crypto Museum: Nagra SN

Hosaka Mark I “Sprawl Edition” Showcase

How to Feed 10,000 Rebel Fighters for 50 Years

Custom MSR Whisperlite + Vargo Titanium Hexagon

If Crisis or War Comes: Important Information for the Population of Sweden


Link Log 2022-11-05


The Filing Cabinet

I Fought The PayPal And I Won

Kask puts MIPS on notice with new WG11 rotational impact test

How We Would Know When China Is Preparing to Invade Taiwan

War Memorial Opera House

Link Log 2022-10-25

Haas Ausruestungen: Flightgear for Collectors

GervVetUSA: Veterinary Surgical Instruments

Retro Digital Dashboards by Daniel Lazo

Law Enforcement Guide To Satanic Cults

The Revenge of the Hot Water Bottle

The secondary market in gift cards

Baghdad by the Bay

Link Log 2022-09-19

Life After Lifestyle

Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

“Life Goes On” With Stewart Brand

Yeti Coolers Are Luxury Goods for Bros

Facebook Has No Idea What Data It Has

The Golden Gate

Link Log 2022-08-31

On being a “Gray” man

Mediocrity Goes Electronic

Scientists Grow Plants in Lunar Soil

Nancy Pelosi, China and the Slow Decline of the U.S. Military

Fish Eyes in your Kettle: Chinese Water Temperature Methods

Now Detroit is Selling $75K Pickup Trucks for the Cappuccino Run

Bicycle Tea

Link Log 2022-05-15

Primitive Communism

Urban vs Rural Sustainability

Anti-Poaching Units: The Tools Of The Trade

Cowboy Bebop x Blade Runner - Cycle of Influence

How to Sharpen a Single Bevel Knife with Bernal Cutlery

Hackers: Costumes from the Motion Picture Exhibition Tour Video

Inside the nuclear bunkers that will protect Finland’s citizens from war

Civic Center

Link Log 2022-03-20

How Technology Grows

The Resilience of the Internet in Ukraine

Jerry Cans: The True Secret Weapon of WWII

Harry Potter’s real lesson is guns and libertarianism

Ukraine Post #2: Options

Camp Reynolds