RantMedia 10th Anniversary

I finally got around to uploading my photos and video from the RantMedia 10th Anniversary in Vancouver over the first weekend of the new year.

We had a tendency to hang out in dark places – mostly alternating between Subeez, Vancity Theatre, and Sanctuary – so none of the pictures turned out to be any kind of decent, but there you have it.

The live Afternow (which kicks off a brand new season) was certainly pant-wetting material, but, for me, the highlight must be dinner the night before. The group included Avagdu, Hatterofmaddnesz, Kevin, Yugosaki, Halloween, IceHawk, Ephoy, ButcherShopVegan, and myself. It started off innocently enough, sharing flashlights and knives, but the night quickly degenerated to other debauchery: boots on the table, belts coming off, Kevin trying to teach Avagdu to braid paracord after Avagdu had had too much to drink.

Thanks to Avagdu and Hatterofmaddnesz for driving me up.