Another redesign! This one only 6 months from the last. How remarkable is that?

The base template and heavy CSS of the last design made this change relatively simple. This time around, I’m using YUI Reset and YUI Fonts. I started using both of them a month or two ago on a couple other sites. It’s hard to imagine building a site without them now. They take a lot of headaches out of CSS.

This design is not using YUI Grids. I have used it before, but I don’t think it offers any benefit with this kind of design. It’s more suited toward a content intensive site with many nested divisions. Something like Yahoo’s front page.

You’ll also notice a Twitter feed on the top of the index page. I’ve been trying to figure out what the appeal of Twitter is, but so far, it’s escaped me. I figured embedding tweets on the site would provide extra encouragement for me to try it out. I think Twitter may lend itself to my summer on the road, too. So, we’ll see how long that lasts. It seems to be noticeably slow, so I might have to find another way to pull the data.

Another new feature is tags. I started tagging posts a while ago, but haven’t displayed them till now. The majority of posts are not tagged. Maybe someday I’ll go back and tag the 1,300 old posts – but I doubt it.

Some kinks of the design are still being worked out, but if you notice anything strange – whether it be from the redesign, server move, or mail move – let me know.