The keenly aware among you may perchance have perceived my perplexing switch to Flickr.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve taken the Web 2.0 plunge. I still support ZenPhoto, but their development was going a bit slow on some of the features I wanted. (Of course, they release the new version right when I switch.) I’m also attempting to cut down on my disk space usage, so hosting my photos elsewhere is helpful.

Flickr is, well, featurelicious. It’s what I would call tasteful Web 2.0: functional javascript and social networking based around something, instead of social networking for the sake of social networking.

There’s a bunch of Flickr Wordpress plugins in the codex. Some day, I may install one, but for now, I’m done messing with photos: it’s been about 2 weeks moving everything into Flickr and a day replacing old links.