Atwood Tactical Whistle

Most folks who would otherwise put Batman’s belt to shame tend not to carry a whistle.

Can you really blame them? Honestly, a whistle won’t do you much good when you’re being mauled by shambling hordes of the undead. The experienced Zombie Hunter would opt for a pair of khukris instead.

But the whistle does present some application to the aspiring survivalist. It serves as a possible deterrent to rapists (yes, guys get raped, too). Tooting on one helps rescuers locate your lost self.

Sure, you could pick up one of those cheap plastic ones, but that doesn’t really fit the bill. The level we’re going for is thus: If you were to pull a Rip Van Winkle in the middle of a perpetual war-zone, would your kit be undamaged upon awakening?

Plus, we all know stuff is better when it has “tactical” in the name.

That’s why I went with a Peter Atwood Tactical Whistle.


Heavy duty, loud, and shiny.

The bottom line is, the thing is made by someone who crafts custom knives. Knives kill people.

Can you kill someone with your whistle?

(Note: As I hope you gathered, this review is a bit tongue-in-cheek. Honestly, it’s a fucking whistle. Yeah, it’s a good piece of kit, but is it really worth the price difference over a Fox 40? Having never used one, I can’t say, but I doubt it.)