A Cornucopia of Conjection

I’ve been exceptionally unmotivated to study for my finals this time around, the first of which is tomorrow. So I haven’t.

Instead, I’ve been reading about life and trains and all that other stuff that’s dangerous and subversive to the status quo and is going cause society to fall spinning into the dark, dismal abyss.

People are confused. They think they’re subject to society and their culture when it’s the other way around.

Remember about a year ago when I said I’d update the vitals page? Yup. Did that. A little.

A couple months ago, I was kicked out of the closet I used to work in and moved to the front desk. I wrote and prominently displayed the following, so as to alleviate any confusion concerning my status as a possible receptionist. It was taken down. Something about not being appropriate for the work environment, I suppose. The last stanza has been removed to protect certain individual(s).

Dear Valued Visitor, The good looking fellow who sits in this space, is not paid as a receptionist. Can't you tell from the look on his face? He was kicked out of the closet and made to interact, but that has no effect on his employment contract. He's not here to answer phones, to assist, nor to direct. Which isn't to say, he means you disrespect. He'll do his best to help and to give you advice. Just don't make him state his job description twice. If you're on your way in, he'll tell you hello though his mind may be elsewhere thinking of snow. If you're on your way out He'll bid you farewell though if you're leaving for good someone else you should tell. This prose is no good. It's turning out to be crap. I bet [censored] could do better. He listens to rap!