Always Have a Camera Ready

Around 11PM tonight I heard a bunch of yelling and screaming out my window. At first I thought nothing of it – there’s always a bunch of drunk kids around here at night having a good time – but it was persistent, so eventually I peeked through my blinds. Across the street, there were perhaps 10 people kicking and stopping on one guy curled up on the ground. I grabbed my camera and started shooting video of it. In about 30 seconds, a car pulled up, two people got out and scared the small gang away. After the video stops I called 911, but they had already had it reported. The cops and medics arrived about a minute later and I went over and showed them what I captured. They were all rather adamant about confiscating my camera for evidence, but I suggested they find someone else with video of the event and confiscate his camera. One of them took it over to where another cop had detained one guy, but that turned out to be uneventful, as they let him go. After about half an hour of standing around, a cop suggested I go with one of them down to the station where they could download the video (they weren’t up to me just emailing it to them). So, I hopped into the car of Officer Brian Chissus (badge #220) and off we went to the evidence room of the police station. I had to walk him through how to download the video (funny how I know the police’s own computer system better than the police themselves). Then he gave me a ride back to my apartment (they don’t make the back seats of those cars very comfortable).

It was interesting to see the inside of the station. It was also the first time I was able to get a close up look at the laptops they all have in their cars. Everything ran Windows XP.

Anyway, I’m going to bed now. I’ll upload the video I shot tommorrow.

Edit: Video here:


Reported: Oct 10 2006 10:54PM Offense: ASSAULT-FELONY Case #: 06B43705 (V1) and (V2) assaulted by a group at the above location. Arrested: QUINTON, KEITH EDWARD Age: 0 (DOB: Jun 23 1982 ) Arrested: PINNER, MICHELLE NICOLE Age: 0 (DOB: Oct 1 1988 )
Reported: Oct 10 2006 10:55PM Offense: WARRANT - LOCAL Case #: 06B43713 (A1) had three warrants for his arrest. Arrested: QUINTON, KEITH EDWARD Age: 24 (DOB: Jun 23 1982 )