Mountain Rose Herbs

I was linked to Mountain Rose Herbs through They are a “global provider of bulk organic herbs, spices, teas, essential oils and other herbal miscellany,” and have become my standard herb provider.

In my order was their Tea Sampler, which includes the following:

Dream Tea This infusion blend is based on an ancient formula said to evoke powerful and colourful dreams. It is especially blended for the dreamer, stimulating vivid and easily recalled dreams. A light, minty yet, rich flavor. Very enjoyable after a rich or large dinner. Contains: peppermint, mugwort and damiana leaves, chamomile flowers, gotu kola and rosemary leaves, rose petals and, a pinch of stevia*. Traditionally used for- Enhancing dreams

Fairytale Tea A delicious drink for children and adults. A delightful and inspiring infusion blend full of flowers & fairy magic; perfect for bedtime stories. Contains: calendula, red clover, lavender and chamomile flowers, lemon balm, catnip, spearmint, skullcap and thyme leaves, oatstraw, lemon peel and, a pinch of stevia. Traditionally used for- Encourage calming

Peace Tea This is a gentle and calming nervine blend; a chance for reflection;an opportunity to imagine a peaceful world. Takes the stress out of life for a while. A wonderful infusion drink for meditation and quiet moments. Contains: Chamomile flowers, spearmint leaves, passionflower herb, rose petals, lavender flowers and, cinnamon bark. Traditionally used for- Encourage relaxation

And I purchased a bag of 21st Century Tea:

There are so many ways that our immune systems can be overwhelmed … air, water, workplace, stress etc. This infusion blend is not only helpful, but comforting, strengthening and delicious. Contains: Red clover blossoms, nettle leaves, pau d’arco, alfalfa and sage leaves, St. John’s wort herb and a hint of ginger root. Traditionally used for- General health and taste

I love all the teas. They’re all, without doubt, the best tasting I’ve had.

I also picked up some dried Lemon Balm for ice tea and a little powdered goldenseal root.