The following was written 7-18 in MBK Center, Bangkok.

8:30PM I’m in the Baskin Robbins at MBK Center – the one I first sat at all that time ago.

I came here for the theatre, deciding to pay the 250 for a VIP ticket to Pirates 2.

They aren’t kidding when they say VIP, and it cost less that a cheap ticket in the States. A huge screen, excellent sound, and the seats! Reclining La-Z-Boys with blankets. It’s awesome. The only thing the Seattle Cinerama has on this is size.

The movie itself was decent (English with Thai subs, by the way). I didn’t think it compared with the first – until the end. They set it up for an exciting sequel, and what I missed most in this one was Barbosa. Oh, and the actor who plays Chtulhu: I like the guy, but he pretty much just recreated his performance from Underworld.

There’s a poster for Spiderman 3 here. He’s silver.

I’m in a dangerous position…

Bangkok. At night. Time to kill. And a surplus of Baht that I will soon have little use for.