RIP Noise

Beloved friends and accomplices, The Infernal Noise Brigade has died young. Come and celebrate its pretty corpse. Former Infernalistas the world over are en route to Seattle to swell the band's ranks into a giant, implosive force before leaping into the grave. Join us for one last march (7/28) and a massive all-night funeral wake (7/29)--at which the Infernal Noise Brigade will, though technically dead, perform two final sets before descending into hell for their rewards, either in the seventh ring (for violence to the possessions of the capitalist state) or the ninth ring (for treachery against Homeland Security). The INB's Last March Friday, July 28, evening-time The East Precinct Seattle, WA free The INB's Final Party Saturday, July 29, 9 pm - dawn In Georgetown - locale posted at sliding-fee donation (to benefit radical movements/artists)