Power Down

The following was written 7-15, in Sukhothai, partly by flashlight

7:30PM I went out to an internet cafe this evening to type up these entries, but before I could get much done, the power went out.

What worries me most is that this is the first time I’m unable to clean the computer. No cookies were deleted, no cache cleared. Though I think it will be alright. The cafe ran Debian, and if you can’t trust a Linux admin, who can you trust?

The power was out for the whole city, but walking back to the guest house, every window was lit with the glow of a candle.

It’s back on now. Was out for about 20 minutes.

My laundry isn’t dry yet, which means there’s no point in taking a shower till tomorrow. I hope I don’t sleep in and not give myself enough time to shower and pack before the 11AM check-out time.

Let’s hope the electricity remains – the prospect of a fan-less night is not appealing.