The following was written 7-8, as I sat on the bus leaving Chiang Mai.

10:14PM I got to the bus station at about 9:00AM today. The same woman as yesterday sold me a ticket for the 10:30AM bus, but this one isn’t air-con.

So I’m sitting on some bus now. Let’s hope it’s the right one. It does say Pai on the front, so, even if it isn’t the correct bus, it should get me to the right place.

I’m right underneath a fan, so it should be all right not being air-con.

The thing sure is crammed. Seats can barely fit 2 people. bags are thrown in the backseat.

They seem to be moving Thais around to make room for us Farang here in the back. There are 6 of us, so far.

I’ll be impressed if this thing makes it up the hills.