Breezy Night

The following was written 7-8, during my first night in Pai.

9:01PM I took dinner at Amido’s Pizza Garden across the river. At almost $4, it’s the most expensive meal I’ve had yet, but tasty, and the town deserves my Baht.

(You’ll notice I’ve been avoiding Thai food since being sick. I don’t think that the food had much to do with it, but still…)

Amido couldn’t do enough to tell you how great Santana is.

“He want make guitar talk to you, he make guitar talk to you. He want guitar cry, he make guitar cry.”

The breeze off the meandering river makes the nights cools here, but also welcomes mosquitoes. A couple big ones kept bugging me at dinner.

I broke my own rule and neglected to put socks on before heading out tonight. I think I’ve survived so far with no new bites, though.

Took another Malarone with dinner.