Another Night in Chiang Mai

The following was written today, 7-7, during my failed attempt to leave Chiang Mai.

11:28AM Felt a lot better when I woke up this morning.

Last night at around 7PM I found the energy to get out of bed. I walked down to the 7-11 and bought water, bad chocolate chip cookies, and shampoo.

The shower this morning was nice. My hair feels somewhat normal after using the shampoo – Bronners makes my hair way too greasy.

Now I’m sitting at the bus station, with a ticket to Pai. I have no idea where I’m supposed to be, but the bus doesn’t leave till 12:30PM, so I’ve got time to figure that out.

I like Chiang Mai, but have spent far too much time here. Almost a week.

I hope I don’t start feeling sick again on the bus ride.

Last night I drank most of the water I bought, save for 4-6oz. In that I put 25 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract and downed that. It tasted horrible, but, like I said, I feel better, so it must have worked.

1:00PM I missed the bus.

I swear the ticket said terminal 26, and everyone I asked agreed, but when I went back to the ticket window at 12:40, she said terminal 13. I guess no one but herself can read her writing. There weren’t any other buses to Pai today. I caught a tuk-tuk back to the inner-moat area and checked into another guest house for the night. Would like to get out of this city, but it looks like I’m in for another night.

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