The following was written 6-26, during my lay-over in Tokyo

4:00PM Tokyo Time So that was a 9 hour flight. Which is close to 19…

Shows how much planning and prep work I’ve done for this trip. I’m pretty much winging the whole thing.

Tokyo gets my vote for best western toilets. Those things are nice. The squatting toilets scare me, though. Squatting in the woods is one thing, but on porcelain? That scares me.

My body knows it’s midnight, but can’t figure out why it’s light out. (We followed the sun here. It wasn’t dark once.) I want to sleep, but I’m afraid I’ll miss my flight. Narita is nice, but there isn’t much to do here. So I’m just gonna sit here for 2 hours. Then sit on a plane for another 6.