9:56AM I had toast and prickly fruit for breakfast this morning. The fruit is described by Lonely Planet as resembling “an ancient piece of medieval weaponry,” and that is an apt description.

I’m not sure where I’m heading tomorrow. Choices are Chiang Mai, Phitsanulok, or Sukhothai.

I think I’ll go out and see if I can find some internet now.

12:14PM It took me a couple hours of getting lost, but I finally found Soi 1, the backpacker ghetto, and plenty of cheap internet. The computer I’m on is a P2 with 64MB of RAM. Impressed?

Speakeasy claims I’m getting 254k down and 188k up, though it feels like less.

It’s July already. I wasn’t sure of the date till yesterday. The time zone shifts messed me up.