Ubuntu Dapper Beta

Yesterday, I decided to give the latest Ubuntu beta a go. I first tried to upgrade using Ubuntu’s update-manager, but, alas, GUIs never work. It crashed while trying to upgrade Kino, which also left me with a broken X server. I had downloaded the new Live CD beforehand, so I just booted into that and used the installer. The partitioning tool insisted that my new swap was to be only 1K, which I wasn’t too pleased with. After killing the installer, manually setting my partitions with fstab, and then rerunning the installer, everything worked fine. By the time I rebooted, there were already 65 packages to update. After that, I had to add in some new repos and install the usual additional software.

So far, I’m happy with the release. It seems a bit faster, looks much nicer, and, of course, has a whole slew of updated software.