Survival Gear List

The gear list for my Survival Walk-about arrived today.

Required Non-Clothes Items
  1. Day pack, Waist pack, of 5' X 5' cloth (for carrying gear)
  2. One 1 liter water bottle
  3. Water treatment supplies:
    • We recommend either Grapefruit Seed Extract of Aerobic Oxygen, both of which can be bought at natural food stores
    • Another option is Ioding (Liquid or Tablets)
    • Please NO filters
  4. Personal Medical Kit:
    • Band-aids
    • Moleskin (or other blister-care materials)
    • Personal Medications
  5. Sharp sheath knife (Mora/Frosts Knife recommended), NO folding knives
  6. One heavy duty trash bag
Required Clothes *These clothes are to be worn on your body or otherwise fit into your daypack.
  1. A pair of wool or poly blend hiking socks
  2. A pair of Hiking shoes
  3. One long john bottoms/pants (wool or synthetic)
  4. Quick-dry shorts (synthetic)
  5. Belt
  6. Sports Bra/Athletic top (women only)
  7. Long Sleeved shirt (lightweight bug and sun protection)
  8. One long john top or sweater (wool or synthetic)
  9. Rain jacket and rain pants (lightweight and waterproof)
  10. Balaclava or stocking cap
  1. Study pants (synthetic)
  2. Sunscreen (unscented)
  3. Comb or brush
  4. Toothbrush and floss
  5. Small 3x5 note pad and pencil
  6. Small sewing kit
  7. Compass (simply Suunto or Silva compass with adjustable declination) no lensatic or military compasses

The pack surprised me. I thought they would allow only the clothes on your body. Speaking of clothes, that they recommended shorts was also surprising. Not only are they not very popular (or practical) here in the Pacific Northwest, but they also don’t offer much protection while tramping through the bush. I’ll stick with pants.

I’ve never heard of the knife they recommend. I’ll be bringing a Becker Knife and Tool Crewman.