Portal to the Future

I spent most all of Sunday in the Arboretum…again.

Not much of note happened, save for the Portal to the Future that I found. It was in a remote part of the Woods, directly below a sharp cliff (larger than the one I fell off of). Of course, I had to go investigate, so I slid down a part of the cliff on my butt. (Hey, the pants I’m wearing are sold as “bomb-proof”. They practically dared me.)

Portal to the Future

Later on in the day, I was climbing a tree, trying to get up to a fallen log that I could use to walk across a gully. I was trying to get my right arm secured when I lost my footing, causing me to swing down and snap all of my weight onto my left arm. That didn’t feel too good, but I used the arm scrambling up and down later that day, and it feels fine today.

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