The week after next is my spring break. I’ve through countless plans in the past couple months, but I think I’ve finally settled on this:

I’ll leave Saturday morning, the 18th, get on I-5, and pull into Eugene, OR at about 5, where I’ll spend the night with Wade at the University of Oregon. Sunday morning I’ll take off from there, head over to Highway 101 and drive down the coast to Redwood National Park (probably the area around Crescent City, CA). Depending on the timing, I may spend Sunday night in the forest or just in the car on the side of the road. The rest of the week, till Thursday, I’ll backpack around the Redwoods and explore. Thursday I’ll head back up 101 and spend the night in the sand dunes on the Oregon coast. Friday I’ll continue up the coast, probably till somewhere around Ocean Shores, WA, where I’ll cut east to Olympia, WA, get back on I-5 and head home.

Of course, this is all tentative, and will probably change. 101 may end up being too slow going on the return journey, I may run out of food in the Redwoods, or gas money somewhere along the line.

Vavrek and I were trying to get together at some point during the trip, but that didn’t work out.

If anybody resides along my path, let me know. Perhaps we can get together.

There’s been some strange weather all along the west coast the past couple weeks. Snow, hail, thunder storms, and a tornado. Not the best time to go backpacking, especially without a tent, but what the hell. (I do have a poncho, which I’ve figured out how to turn into a shelter.)

Someone’s gotta do it.