Galactic Code

(All the following information was gathered from the extended birthday decoder. Try it out on your own.)

As I’ve mentioned previously, on the Dreamspace calendar, your birthday decodes to a Galactic Code. The code consists of three parts: a color, a tone, and a seal.

Mine happens to be Red Self-Existing Skywalker.

There are 20 seals on the calendar. Skywalker is the 13th. (It also has a little mantra that goes along with it: “Explores. Space.”) In so-called Galactic Notation, the number 13 is written with two bars, one on top of the other, and 3 dots in a line on top of that. Based on the number of dots in the number of your seal, you’re assigned an Earth Family, consisting of the other seals that have the same number of dots. I’m part of the three-dot family, which includes 3, 8, 13, and 18.

Self-existing is the 4th tone (4 dots in a line), of a possible 13 for each seal. (In Dreamspace, anything consisting of 13 is called a wavespell.)

Based on all this, you’re able to decode a 52 Year Destiny Castle, which is too complicated for me to attempt to explain here.

Your Galactic Code also comes with 5 kins – five different seals that relate to you. A destiny kin (“basis of life destiny” - mine is Skywalker), an analog kin (“like-minded power” - mine is World-Bridger), an antipode kin (“challenge power” - mine is Night), an occult kin (“hidden power of 7, the unexpected” - mine is Star), and a guide kin (“fifth force outcome power” - mine is Moon).

A poem is also created for you, based on your code. For Red Self-Existing Skywalker, I’m given:

I Define in order to Explore Measuring Wakefullness I seal the Output of Space With the Self-Existing tone of Form I am guided by the power of Universal Water