13 Moons

The 13 Moon calendar is a replacement for our current Gregorian calendar, which the proponents of the 13 Moon system claim is out of harmony with nature and contributes to our destruction. “The 13 moon calendar,” they claim “is a positive, concrete act demonstrating the move from fear to love, from chaos to harmony, from war to peace.”

(In the words of Robert Anton Wilson, “the Gregorian calendar, the standard Occidental system, dates everything from the alleged birth of a comic-book super-hero I regarded as fictitious. He supposedly had a virgin for mother, a pigeon for father, and cured the blind by throwing dirt in their eyes.” As well, it is “interrupted by an artificial minus-to-plus changeover to commemorate the god of a single weird cult.”)

The particular system that I was recently introduced to, called Dreamspace, was created by Jose Arg’elles.

The calendar is loosely based off of the Mayan calendar. Instead of months, we have moons – 13 of them instead of 12, since the Moon rotates around the Earth 13 times in one year. Each moon consists of 28 days, which comes from the 28 day female menstruation cycle (menstruation comes from the Latin word for “month”, which is closely related to the Latin word for “moon”) and the average between the time it takes for the Moon to move around the earth (27.1 days) and the period between new Moons (29.53 days). Another unit of the calendar is the Solar-Galactic Cycle – 52 years during which no two days repeat.

It is proposed that changing the 13 Moon calendar will bring about the “complete reformulation of the human mind.

Though 13 * 28 = 364, the 13 Moon calendar still has 365 days a year. The 365th day – the old July 25th – is called the Day Out of Time. “This day is no day of the week or month at all. A true freedom day for the forgiveness of debts and the celebration of Time is Art.

On the 13 Moon calendar, your birthday corresponds to your Galactic Signature, which can be found and decoded here. The signature involves three components: a color, a tone, and a seal. It places you into an Earth family, a color family, a tribe and a clan.

The Dreamspace calendar is often criticised for its loose base on the Mayan calendar. “Amongst many criticisms levelled at it, it is pointed out that the interpretation merely co-opts an ancient tradition by recasting it in New Age terms, unknown, unused and undocumented among the Maya. Many of Dreamspell’s influences come from non-Mayan sources, such as the I Ching and pop psychology. What’s more, Arguelles’ calendar is based on a different day-count than the traditional Mayan calendar.”

Regardless of the criticism of this particular system, its more esoteric components and linking with the 2012 “doomsday” prophecies, a Moon calendar, which inarguably strengthens our connection with natural cycle, certainly seems superior to that which we currently employ. (The Gregorian calendar, as I understand, is actually a Solar calendar meant to stay in sync with the seasons. Yet the Moon goes through its cycles much more frequently than the seasons, which to me strengthens its appeal over a solar calendar.) I’ll be looking more into this and other alternative calendars in the future.

For more information, I recommend reading the self study pilot program as an introduction. As well, there’s more here.

Moon One - July 26 to August 22 Moon Two - August 23 to September 19 Moon Three - September 20 to October 17 Moon Four - October 18 to November 14 Moon Five - November 15 to December 12 Moon Six - December 13 to January 9 Moon Seven - January 10 to February 6 Moon Eight - February 7 to March 6 Moon Nine - March 7 to April 3 Moon Ten - April 4 to May 1 Moon Eleven - May 2 to May 29 Moon Twelve - May 30 to June 26 Moon Thirteen - June 27 to July 24

Dali - Friday Seli - Saturday Gamma - Sunday Kali - Monday Alpha - Tuesday Limi - Wednesday Silio - Thursday