Last week I placed an order with Eden Foods (more on what I ordered later). On the 19th, I received a notification from them that my order had shipped and a FedEx tracking number. Actually, the notification said that the order had shipped on the 15th (one day after I placed my order) – I don’t know why they waited so long to inform me. I went to FedEx’s website to track the package and, to my surprise, it was scheduled for delivery that same day. Despite the scheduled delivery, FedEx drove right past the house that day without delivering anything. At about 9PM that night, FedEx stopped saying that it was scheduled for delivery on the 19th. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that my package had actually been “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” since 6:31AM on Dec 17th. About this time I decided that they had probably lost the package and didn’t want to admit it. Why else would the package be sitting on the truck for delivery for over 3 days? The following day, the 20th, the package was still “On FedEx vehicle for delivery,” but there was no scheduled delivery. I saw FedEx drive past the house again. Today, the 21st, the package was finally delivered, but FedEx still says the package is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” and has no scheduled delivery.

They really need to work on their tracking system.