911 are a bunch of noobs....and they're out to get me.

Apparently my phone called 911 a little bit ago. (At least, that’s their story.)

The phone vibrated once in my pocket. When I took it out to look at it, it was in a call. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello? 911: This is 911. Do you have an emergency to report? Me: No… 911: No, this is 911. Do you have an emergency to report? Me: No. 911: Did you call 911? Me: No. 911: Who had your phone? Me: Me. 911: Where was it? Me: In my pocket. 911: We received a call and then it sounded like buttons being pressed. Me: It must have dialed you itself. 911: So you have no emergency to report? Me: Nope. 911: Do you know how to lock your phone? Me: Yes, but when you lock it, it can still dial 9 1 and 0, noob. 911: STFU noob. You can disable that. Me: I’ll look into it. 911: Do you have an emergency to report? Me: No. Bye.

I’ve done some searching online and I’ve yet to find anything about how to disable the 9, 1, and 0 keys when the phone is locked. There’s also no mention of it in the manual, nor can I find any option in the phone’s settings (It’s a Sony Erricson t616). If anybody has any ideas, feel free to enlighten me.

The call log is where it gets interesting. It shows me receiving a call at 5:23PM from 1-425-551-30800 (that extra zero is supposed to be there and the area code of this phone is 425) and then, after that, me placing a call to 888888 at 5:23PM. I’ve often noticed that the call log on this phone will reverse calls, so it’s possible that I dialed 888888 before the 551 number called me, but, in any case: 1) I never dialed 911. 2) I cannot use the 8 key when the phone is locked. 3) That number that called me is pretty strange looking.

Odd occurrences all around. I think those shifty bastards called me.

It’s a plot.

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