Time to format

I thought Breezy Badger was supposed to be released on the 15th, not the 13th. Oops. I downloaded the iso this morning, which was interesting – I’m always worried now that whenever I wget large files at high speeds, I’m going to get another call saying that I’m eating up 25% of the bandwidth (this time it looks like my average bandwidth consumption was only about 2.1Mb, so I’m safe).

I’ve been planning on using this new release as an excuse to format instead of just upgrading with apt, so I did a backup during class.

rsync -rav --delete --stats /home/pigmonkey /media/usbdisk-1/backup/nyx/

I was also thinking about going home this weekend, so now I’m going to do that, update the backup I have stored on Wintermute, and format.