Freaknight 9

Freaknight was awesome.

I got there at 8 (when the doors were supposed to open) and it took about an hour and a half to get in, during which time it was cold and I had to pee. While I was in the mob outside, I think I about died of second hand smoke (inside it was second hand pot and rogue kissing booths).

I must have looked like a dealer because people were asking me for drugs all night, starting with the guy running the parking lot asking me for ecstasy. Normally they try to sell them to me.

Oakenfold was the highlight – I haven’t listened to him in years. Crystal Meth could have been better.

The projected visuals were very disappointing (although the green laser was pretty sweet). They were the same at all areas and started to repeat about 45 minutes in. Not only that, but they weren’t that creative in the first place – mostly just clips from old horror movies.

I suppose I also should mention that this was my first indoor rave. All in all I think forest and desert parties are better. PhoenixFest was $35 (as opposed to Freaknight’s $40), had twice as many stages, was 5 nights, and had way better visuals. Not to say I didn’t enjoy Freaknight, but give me tents and geodesics over parking garages and warehouses any day.

Next up: Apocalypse.