Welcome to the Scene

I just started watching Welcome to the Scene. It’s a pretty good show. Entertaining, at least.

It’s about a group of pirates. The group encompasses everybody from the source at the dvd plant to the person who writes the nfo for the release.

I really, really hope that the people who made the show have nothing to do with the real pirate “scene” because, if they do, they’re all a bunch of noobs and don’t stand a chance against the MPAA/RIAA.

They share files via ftp. That’s right. Good old, unencrypted, cleartext, ftp. They communicate via email. No, not PGP/GPG encrypted. Oh, and the email addresses are linked to their real names. They chat via irc. No, not i2p irc. Just plain old, cleartext irc. Their browsing is far too fast for them to be proxying with Tor, or anything like it. Did I mention they use FTP?

After all my technical griping, it really is a good show. Go download it.