I just got back from the Autonomous Mutant Festival. Well, sorta. Directions to the festival weren’t announced until 5PM on the 5th (before that all we knew is that it was probably somewhere in the Randle, WA area) which means that, with traffic, we didn’t arrive till about 10:30PM. Long story short, we basically drove five miles past the festival because it was too damn dark to see anything. I don’t recommend driving in a forest that you’ve never been in at night – especially not one that has crazy bats that fly at your windshield, ala Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

On the 7th we attempted to walk to the festival, but only made it about 2.5 miles (up a mountain, I might add). After that, Tina wanted to drive to it, but driving in a national forest is just depressing (sorta ruins the one-with-nature vibe), and I was perfectly happy just camping.

So we started home this morning because Tina had monstrous bug bites and was getting bored. We did see the festival on the way out, but it didn’t look like there were more than a couple hundred people. Overall I’d say that Mutant Fest was a bust, but camping was fun.

Pictures will be up soon.