You wouldn't be interested in that

Nick, Tina, and I saw Batman Begins last night. It’s a good movie. The best of the bunch, I’d say.

Batman had no nipples, but Katie Holmes made it a point to show hers whenever she had the chance.

The end annoyed me.

According to IMDB, they’ve written three scripts. At the end of Begins, Gordon tells Batman of a robber who left a “calling card”, which just so happens to be a joker. So they’re planning on having the Joker in the next movie? That disappoints. Jack Nicholson was great as the Joker in the first movie. I can’t think of any actor who can follow him up. Plus, it just wouldn’t work.

I assume that the three Batman Begins films are going to be sequential. In the first Batman film, we already saw Jack turn into the Joker. So how could he be in Batman Begins 2? We’d have to jump over the first Batman film.

Also, at the end of Batman Begins, Batman has never heard of the Joker. If I remember correctly, in the first film, Batman is present when Jack turns into the Joker.

It just won’t work.

I wish they’d pick a new criminal; one who hasn’t been put in a film before.