Waking The Dragon

Phoenix Festival 2005 Waking The Dragon July 21 - July 25 Klickitat County, Wa www.phoenixfest.com (Feel free to spread this on to your loved ones and anyone who may be interested) Tickets: www.phoenixfest.com/tickets.html Hello Kids, here again with another Phoenix Festival Announcement! At this point we pretty much have all of the nuts and bolts in line for the fest and things are looking quite amazing... MUSIC: We are all quite thrilled about the diversity of the performances lined up this year. Most of you have likely heard about the national and international acts; Eat Static, Cosmosis, Tipper, Chris Carter and Nick Taylor. Without a doubt with these folks present, the stages are going to erupt on a nightly basis. However, that is not all. The local representation this year is unparalleled, never in the festival's 5 year history has there been so much Northwest diversity and skill gracing the various stages. Some of the live acts and DJs you can expect to see are: KJ Sawka, Reggie Watts & all his homies, Surrounded By Ninjas, Solovox, Auditory Sculpture, Marmalade, Bumblebee, Variform, Dahlia, AtoMikDoG v.S. novaTRON, Miss Solar System, Holy Sons, King David, Grails, pr0teus, Specs One, Synth Club, Mandii, Try My Cabbage, Jerry Abstract, Muschi, Lara, DJ Advent, Eddie, Osiris and so many more. The list is phenomenally long and reads like a who's who in the burgeoning NW music scene. To see it for yourself checkout: www.phoenixfest.com/performance.html. STAGES: Though we would love to take credit for such a stellar lineup, it really is the stages who are responsible for putting together such an amazing roster of talent. Speaking of the stages, each one has its own theme and direction programmed and dialed in practically to perfection... The stages are: COMBUSTION - The Phoenix Festival simply would not be what it is without proper representation from the NW Psytrance community. The stage this year is going to take things to new heights, featuring performances from Eat Static and Cosmosis, this area is going to knock your psychedelic spandex trousers clean off. DRAGONTECH INC - The Breaks stage is back! These kids are coming out again in full force to kill it with the sickest breaks from a keen selection of locals and a couple of headliners. UPTOWN - This stage will have a foundation in hip-hop and turntablism. The music genres will consist of down-tempo, afro-cuban jazz, jungle, IDM, and two very special laptop specialists. FREE CASCADIA - Focusing primarily on local Seattle talent, Free Cascadia will embody the musical equivalent of the political diversity its name implies. Expect live bands, DJs and Live PAs covering the spectrum from Techno to Rock, Downtempo to Electro, Hip Hop to IDM and all points in between. SPIRALNITE - This stage is being run by an extremely enthusiastic Seattle based crew, Spiral Nights is going to feature headliners from Seattle and Portland. Expect a focus on House, Jungle, Live DnB and Techno. These folks are bridging the gap between the Seattle and Portland Electronic Dance Communities. Of course, the performances at Phoenix Festival are not all about music. If you've been before we know that you've come to expect far more and this year is certainly no exception! 99 EYES: We have invited some very special and bizarre folks to come out this year. 999 EYES ov Endless Dream CARNVIAL SIDESHOW ov thee DAMNED will be running their cirkus 24 hours a day throughout the duration of the event. Daytime shows will be very much on the whimsical side, but as the sun sets be prepared for the darkness to set in. Presented in association with International Maggott Theatre, Societas Insomnia, KatabatiK Metacommunications Platform, the Day ov the Zombie, Summon Creature Theatre, and the Sour Mash Hug band, this will be something you will not soon forget. Over 100 anarcho-punk style circus performers hailing from troupes across the united states will converge on the fest for a sweet injection of the bizarre. SATI: Sticking with tradition, we have asked a group to come out and perform for you each night at midnight to help get things warmed up. Sati will be conveying the story of the Phoenix and The Dragon this year. They will be working in conjunction with several members of the cirkus to blow your minds with a nightly performance guaranteed to light up the night. THEMECAMPS: And now, we come to another favorite element of the festival -- the theme camps. A lot of the old favorites are back to serve as faithful distractions as you wander around the festival. Potluck, ChickenHed, Novatron Lounge, Camp Cooler and 1derland will be out in full force as well as many many others. And if you are interested in a themecamp yourself, there is no need to register, come on out and do your thing -- we welcome you with open arms. However if you would like to register, we'll list you on on our website. Just go to the themecamp page here: www.phoenixfest.com/camps.html.