FBI says no to polygraphs

According to Anti-Polygraph, Albuquerque FBI are saying they won’t use polygraph tests anymore.

AntiPolygraph.org has learned that FBI Special Agent Leroy Chan, a polygrapher assigned to the Bureau's Albuquerque Field Office, has recently notified his chain of command of his decision not to conduct any more polygraph examinations. His decision is based on serious concerns regarding the validity of polygraphy. It is to be hoped that Special Agent Chan will not be subjected to reprisal for his morally courageous choice, and that other FBI polygraph examiners who share his justified concerns will follow his example of bravery, fidelity, and integrity. SA Chan is not the first FBI polygrapher to disavow polygraphy. Before him, Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Drew C. Richardson, a scientific expert on polygraphs assigned to the Laboratory Division, expressed his misgivings both to FBI management and in sworn testimony before the United States Senate: http://antipolygraph.org/hearings/senate-judiciary-1997/richardson-state ment.shtml