Bush Buldge

Cryptome has info on a mysterious buldge that appeared in Bush’s back at the first “debate”.

I have carefully reviewed the image that was taken during the Presidential debates where picture was obtained from the back which show an interesting bulge. First, the President is likely wearing body amour. The jacket is not concealing the armour well and it is "printing though" his clothing. Second, there are four elements that appear to be "printing" on the back of his suit coat. While it is impossible to identify the system, we can review various equiment of the same size and shape. 1. A "box" section of the device which appears to be located between his shoulder blades, and just over his spine. This is the "bodypack." 2) A wire running vertically up his back across his shoulder blade. 3) A shadow behind his right ear may be an ear-piece, but it is difficult to tell due to the poor resolution of the picture. It would be most unwise for a public figure to use an ear piece that was visible, so this may just be a shadow. 4) There appears to be something actually IN his ear, and it is likely a monitor or cueing prompter.