Campaign Against Right-Wing Radio

To Whom It May Concern, I understand that your station is owned by a large corporation with conservative beliefs, but I believe it would be a great benefit to yourselves and the public at large if you were to expand the range of programming to include people with political views other than conservative. A common argument is that listeners only want right wing radio shows, but that's only because right wing views are mostly what people have been exposed to, having been the only thing to choose from for a long time. But it is becoming increasingly apparant that liberal radio is rapidly gaining in popularity (see: With such a wide range of possible choices, from Meria Heller and Amy Goodman to Alex Jones and Jeff Rense to any one of the Air America programs, there's just no excuse for the one-sided conservative views your station currently programs. And there's nothing wrong with having a few conservative talk shows, but when that's ALL that can be heard on the air it is a problem. Whether or not you personally are conservative, I hope you understand it is in the best interest of the citizenry to have access to a number of diverse points of views because, as the famous quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson goes, "An informed citizenry is the bulwark of a democracy". Thanks for considering these ideas.