I should do homework. Eventually.

I went down to the beach today and took pictures. Perhaps, if I get unlazy, I’ll upload the pictures I took with my digital camera. If I’m feeling anti-lazy, maybe I’ll even scan in the pictures I took with my 35mm. But I doubt it…

The guy at the Walgreen’s photo counter noticed the NIN patch on my jacket and commented that Pretty Hate Machine is a good album to listen to if you’ve just broken up. This made me chuckle.

Well, I fell to the dark side today and replaced my falling apart binder with one of those portfolio-folder-thingies. Perhaps I’ll get a pad of yellow paper and become “deck”, instead of my current “fin” state. Heh. I love these words. Kids these days make me laugh. ....Wait.

Apparently the Oscars are on. Would somebody be so kind as to post all the winners?