Not Much...

Let’s see if I can find something to post about…

Nick finally released v7 (or v 0.7, I can’t tell). It only took 6-7 months.

Ice mentioned something about a possible LAN party this Friday. We have Monday off, too. We have Monday off, too.

Uhhh…errr…yeah. Not much is happening. I want to make some more minor updates to the site this weekend, including fixing the blog for IE. Which reminds me, the phorums might be down for a bit Saturday, Sunday, or even Monday. It all depends when/if I get unlazy.

You know, everybody should go spam– I mean post here. They need more traffic.

There’s a cool new video up on Old Skool Phreak.

According to the Mandrake Store, all 9.2 pre-orders will be shipped by the fourth week of October. This just happens to be the fourth week so it should be out soon.