Movies and Cases

I bought this one from Best Buy last week. If Fahrenheit 451 had sex with the Matrix, this would be their offspring (with a little 1984 mixed in, as well). The story takes place in a post-WWIII world where emotion is outlawed. The movie follows the top Cleric (an elite police force who’s job it is to kill those guilty of ‘sense-crime’) who misses his dose of an emotion-blocking drug and begins to feel. All in all, it’s a pretty good movie. The action isn’t as good as the Matrix, but they have their own fighting style called gunkata instead of your classic kung-fu stuff (mostly beating people senseless with guns, not much kicking or anything). You should definitely rent it.

This is one fucked up movie, but in a good way. The director won Best Director at Sundance (‘96 or ‘97, I believe). It’s about a brilliant mathematician who believes that everything can be explained by numbers. He’s searching for a 216 digit number that will “decode the numerical pattern beneath the ultimate system of organized chaos- the stock market.” Of course, this 216 digit number also happens to represent the true name of God. So you have a mathematician on the brink of insanity being chased by some crazy ass Jews and a psycho bitch from Wall Street. Did I mention it’s all in black and white?

In other news, I finished building 3jane into it’s new case. It is a Black X-Dreamer ATX PC Case with 350 Watt P4/AMD Power Supply and Build-In Thermal Monitor. This is one nice case. The entire case looks so professional and it’s so damn shiny, I love it. If I saw it on a store shelf anywhere I’d think it was a $200 case but no: it’s only $70! My only complaint is that the generic power supply is a bit loud but, hey, it’s practically free.