Curse Verizon

Verizon goofed when installing my new circuit at the CO so I haven’t had internet at home since Friday. I’m still checking my email at work everyday, though.
Covad (they provide SpeakEasy with bandwidth) is going down to slap Verizon in to shape, so hopefully I’ll have internet by Friday.

As many, many people have noticed (my email is flooded every morning), the proxy is down. Dreamhost took it down because of “excessive resource consumption”. Here’s a copy of the email:


As you may have noticed, I've removed the execute bit on nph-proxy.cgi.
This type of program is not generally allowed on our servers,
particularly when it results in excessive resource consumption.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.


I’m not going to fight them on this because it puts them in an awkward position: in one hand they have free speech and in the other a possible security hole and “excessive resource consumption”.
I am working on getting it up at another location (if anybody wants to offer me space at havenco, feel free!), but that’s taking a while seeing as how I have no internet. In the meantime, use Garnet’s at