"Cyber War"

I’ve zipped and uploaded all 6 chapters of FrontLine’s Cyber War. It’s 207MB, 56 minutes, .mov format (runs fine in mplayer). They call it “high quality” but it actually is pretty bad. Just watchable in full-screen (too bad Quicktime users don’t have a full-screen option).

As for the programming itself…well, it’s ok. The whole “cyber war” and “digital Pearl Harbor” is definitely exaggerated (not to mention that Richard Clarke is an idiot and they make him out to be a hero) but, hey, if it scares people into security, I’m not complaining. Watch the war game in chp5 and compare that to DefCon CTF.
It’s starting to become clear why the U.S. government is so insecure…

I almost forgot, they talk about both Moonlight Maze and Eligible Receiver. Moonlight Maze has not been proven to exist and Eligible Receiver was no measure of the real world. The NSA setup a dummy-electrical-grid and whatnot for them to play on.
You hear people concentrate on the rumor that they took out the 911 system, too. What actually happened is that they sent out a memo to everybody that the 911 system was down so that everybody would call 911 at once and the trunk wouldn’t be able to handle it. A simple DoS attack just like what happened on 9/11, not any sort of break-in.