Why, oh lord?

As some of you may know, I purchased a new cell phone on Sunday. It’s a Sony Ericsson T68i. Nice phone, right? Well, it runs on the new GSM network. Now, AT&T tells me that it will take a max of 24 hours for my plan to activate on the new network. Both my Dad and my sister had purchased new AT&T GSM phones a few months ago and their plans had activated with about 45 minutes.

32 hours later, my phone still isn’t active.

So, I call up AT&T. After a 30 minute hold time (not too bad, really), I get a customer rep on the line and we discover that there is nothing wrong with my phone or the service.

AT&T had been hit by the Saphire worm. WHY?! First of all, they need to be shot for running running Microsoft SQL in the first place. Second of all they need to be shot in the penis for not patching it! MICROSOFT RELEASED THE PATCH FOR THIS BUG 6 GODDAMNED-MONTHS AGO!!!. And this is Microsoft were talking about! Two, simple button clicks and you’re updated!
I find this excusable for the other 250,000 computers (comprised mostly of small firms) that were hit, but AT&T? Jeebus christ… You think LoD and MoD would have taught them something back in the ’80s.

If I hadn’t just purchased a $100 AT&T phone, I would switch to another carrier immediately.